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The Kindness of Kings

The Kindness of Kings - Chelsea Ballinger I was given an ARc by the author for an honest review.

In the beginning, the story seemed slow to me, but only because it felt more like a book for young adults, and not the type of book I would normally read (partying, going out to bars, hooking up, etc.)

I'm not sure how the final edits are in the paperback or the e-book, my copy was pdf and did have several typos, misuse of commas, and some of the paragraphs were confusing.

However, that being said, once I got to about midway I couldn't put the book down. The story was fantastic, the characters were believable, and some scenes brought tears to my eyes. I felt their pain, their joy and their sadness. And I always love a happy ending!

Thanks for letting me read your story, Chelsea.